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10 Tips to Market Your Book in 2023

Updated: Feb 19

Are you a new self-published author? Are you struggling to make book sales? If you want to make more book sales in 2023 use these tips below to get started. Also, you can receive weekly marketing strategies sent directly to you, sign up for free here. Let's dive into 10 Tips to Market your Book in 2023.

Tip 1: Market Your Book Everywhere- The more visibility your book has the better. Especially as a new author, unless you have an already built audience no one knows about your book. Therefore in 2023 you have to be willing to get your book out there. How many social media accounts do you share your book on? When it comes to online there is Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, and don't forget your own blog or website. Even if you have only one main platform that you engage on, make sure that your book is posted in as many places as possible to be found.

Tip 2: Create Video- Video is a must when it comes to marketing your book in 2023. Whether you are showing your book features, going LIVE, showing behind-the-scenes, are posting Reels, YouTube Shorts, and/or TikTok, make sure video is a part of your marketing strategy.

Tip 3: Set up Amazon Ads- If you are not making sales and you haven't tried Amazon Ads, I want to encourage you to give it a try. One mistake I see new authors making is not investing in paid promotion. I recommend you give yourself a monthly budget for marketing your book so that you can have Amazon ads working for you even when you sleep. I have run Amazon Ads since January of 2022 and I have never lost money, only gained profit. I can show you how, check out a beginner Amazon Ad tutorial below.

Tip 4: Think Global, Think Bigger- It's time to dream big! Did you know that it's possible to sell 100 book copies in the next 30 days even as a self-published author? There are billions of people on the planet, surely you can make an impact and income with your book with the right marketing. I want you to think globally and with your book being on the Amazon KDP platform it's possible nowadays to have an internationally selling book.

Tip 5: Blog about Your Book- okay so you know I love this way to market because you're reading my blog now. One reason you should consider creating a blog for your book is the long-term evergreen benefits of a blog. Someone can find your blog months even years after you post it and if you also make your book available to purchase you can be making sales on auto-pilot. Also blogging allows you creative freedom to continue talking about your book over and over again. Just make sure to reshare your blog post often to get traffic and readers to it.

Tip 6: Create an Email List - This is the year to make building an email list a priority. The best way to build an email list is with people interested in the topic of your book or when they buy your book. When you have a loyal customer base of readers you create more opportunities to earn. Especially if you want to come out with more books, or create additional products to serve your audience in the future.

Tip 7: Speak to Your Target Market - Your book is not for everyone and when you focus on attracting the people who will benefit from your book your sales will increase. It's possible to make at least 1k in the next 30 days with your book sales when you target a specific market. Also, once you find a reader who loves your book now your potential to make even more money increases. You only need 100 loyal fans to make your first $100,000. Remember to think big!