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Hi, I'm Tahira, Inspirational Author, Educator, and Self-Care Coach.


I teach women who are burnt out and stressed the tools and support they desire for self-love and self-care to improve their overall well-being. Encouragement to live well, love well, and be well. I believe you can create a life you love but it starts with nourishing your well-being, going within, making sure your well is full of self-love so that you can give from a place of joy and overflow. Not sacrificing your own health and well- being for the benefit of others but understanding a powerful


Mantra: Be Well While Doing Good.


You have a right to feel well and the greater you feel spiritual, mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically, the greater capacity you have for God to use you to serve your family, friends, and community. Self-care is a divine responsibility so let's get clear about what you want, develop a Self-Care Plan for Your life, and with hope, courage, and faith start living your best life.


Get started with my blog.  I look forward to staying connected and you can find me on Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


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