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You're In! Your checklist should arrive at the email address you provided within

10 minutes. But before you go, check out this exclusive offer I have for you designed to help you TAKE ACTION on the steps you learned in the checklist.

Are you secretly feeling exhausted as you tirelessly work to provide for others instead of going after what you truly want

It's time to focus on what you truly want and I teach you how with my book Freedom For Today


What Is The Book About?

Hey Lovely, 
My name is Tahira Neckles, Inspirational Author, Speaker, Wellness Coach and I have a question for you:
Do you struggle with dissatisafication, disappointment, and empitness in life- even though you are grateful for you family and love them with all of your heart? 
You struggle to find balance to do the things that truly fufill you because you are overwhemled with your current responsibiliteis
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