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7 Ways To Love Yourself

I went through many trials with my health before I learned the importance of self-love and care. Now I'm on a mission to support women with tools to love self and love life. In this blog post I'm sharing what I was awakened to so that you begin your own beautiful journey of self-love. Here are 7 Ways to Love Yourself:

#1 Listen to Your Body!

When you love yourself you listen to your body and how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You don't run past the warning signs because you take the time to be still and listen. If your body needs more water you give it hydration. If it needs more rest, you listen, what ever to pour into yourself more health and well-being. Your body wants to work for you in this beautiful journey called life.

#2 Do not be Sacrificial!

When you love yourself you are done with suffering, struggle, or sacrifice mentality. This way of thinking that you have to somehow be in pain, sacrifice your well-being for the sake of others, that your happiness can wait and that you don't have a right to go for what you truly want. You throw out negative beliefs that keep you in lack and limitation (it is this type of sacrificial belief that kept me in chronic pain for 6 years before I learned to release it and improve my mindset). The truth is you are meant to live happy, healthy, and free.

#3 Advocate for Yourself!

When you love yourself you speak up for what you need physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually. You understand the power of advocating not just for others but to also take care of you. Your voice matters. You desires matter.

#4 Don’t Wait!

When you love yourself you stop avoiding or denying the truth. If there is something you need to address whether with your health, relationships, work or home environment you have the courage to address it for your overall inner peace and well-being. You are proactiv