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10 Powerful Ways to Activate Your Dreams for Abundant Living

This is your life, how do you choose to show up? Will you go for your dreams? Will you have the courage to Dream Big? Will you look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what do I deeply desire? How do you take action toward your dreams? In this blog I will show you but first you must DECIDE. Still reading... So you've decided to triumphantly pursue your dream? I say triumphantly because you must have a winning attitude of faith that your dream will come true.

A Dream is a deep realization, the essence of something you are meant to achieve, manifest, and support your joy and fulfillment.

Pursuit of your dreams attracts Abundance because of the focused attention it brings to the life you are creating. I encourage you to accept that you are meant to Dream BIG and experience the life you desire. Look below for 10 Powerful Ways to Activate Your Dreams for Abundant Living.

Here is:

How do you activate your dream? Below are 10 tried, tested, and true ways to bring your dream to reality.

1) Decide you want it.

2) Take action toward it.

3) Speak it- be willing to declare you will experience your dream.

4) Ask for help- it is not by accident that Ask and it is Given is in the Bible- this universe and loving God will send the people, places, and opportunities to support you.

5) Be willing to JUMP when the evidence of what you want appears.

6) Embrace uncertainty while knowing that the only thing certain is that you will accomplish your dream.

7) Visualize the actual experie